Peter McArdle

Peter McArdle


Sr. Master Technician and Trainer, SMP

Peter has always been fascinated with the evolution of automotive technology and especially the growing complexity of a/c systems today. For over 30 years he has specialized in drivability and electrical repairs, and has devoted his career to providing first-class training to natural born technicians like himself. As an ASE Master and L1 certified technician, and a member of the American Society for Training and Development, Peter’s technical knowledge and commitment to training has contributed to the development of an award winning training program.

Peter has been a highly sought after presenter in the HVAC industry. His knowledge and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand as he engages with his audience, providing new and innovative tips, techniques and much more. 

“I feel privileged to have this opportunity to speak at the MACS Training Event. It’s a great way to engage with fellow technicians. The interaction and feedback from the audience at training events like MACS is often one of my best sources of diagnostic insights and great service and repair tips” – Peter McArdle on presenting at MACS 2016.

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